• Video-Tech Business

    Technical Support, Development, and Consulting for online video technology

    Past Project:

    • Development of online video player for global SVOD service (HTML5 player for Panasonic/SHARP/SONY smart TVs, native player app for Android TV and Apple TV)
    • Developing iOS/Android live streaming viewer apps for Tokyo-based key TV station
  • Japan Market Entry Business

    Support and Consulting for Japan entry of global IT company

    Our Experience: Online display/video ad DSP, SSP, Exchange and Ad server, Online video platform (PaaS), Online payment platform service, Server software application

  • HR Business

    Recruiting service for IT companies

    Target Positions: Country Manager, CMO, CTO, BizDev Director, Sals Director, Lead Engineer


Qz Hashimoto Founder & CEO

Qz founded SPARROWS Inc. in 2016. He used to manage all online ad services as COO of AOL Platforms Japan in 2015. He joined AOL Online Japan as managing director of Japan for online video ad market launch in Japan in September, 2013. He had been leading Brightcove's operations in Japan and drive overall customer acquisition efforts targeted at Japanese media companies and marketers since 2008. He run Paygent, JV of DeNA and MUFG, for two years as president and CEO. Prior to Paygent, Qz worked in three different senior management positions for Macromedia KK. Before Macromedia KK, Qz had engaged in various IT businesses over 14 years with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. including 3 years in Mitsui France. He holds BA in law from the University of Tokyo.

Katz Sakai Chief Technical Architect

Katz is an expert of system managment of MySQL, Apache and Linux and programming in HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS and PHP etc. Katz served as senior engineer at AOL Online Japan from 2013 through 2015. Before joining AOL, he was a principal engineer at Brightcove. He had worked as an engineer in Macromedia, Cookpad and otehr IT projects since 2003. He received BA in ecological engineering from Toyohashi University of Technology.